Smiling faces, warm welcomes, and fantastic photo opportunities reward the traveler that visits Cambodia. We wanted to share some of the many faces and the daily life of the Cambodian people.
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Siem Reap Vendor Vendor in Siem Reap. Ice available upon request.
Angkor Monk Monk at Angkor Wat.
intravenous Traveling home from the clinic. Mother holding an IV suspended from a bamboo pole for her baby.
tonle bati children When a snack isn't available, have a lotus blossom.
Tak Mau Girl Didn't I see you on the Day Trips Page?
New Pot Inspecting a new purchase, south of Phnom Penh.
Old woman Lines on the face of a woman who has seen much, Tonle Bati.
Khmer Mother A proud mother and her month old child south of Phnom Penh.
Sexy Girls A wedding party in Phnom Penh brings out the silk.
Textile Workers Textile workers braving the afterwork traffic.
ant collector Collecting ants South of Phnom Penh.
Khmer children 'Military Brats' at the shooting range east of Phnom Penh
Woman Monk Care taker of  a Buddha at Angkor Wat
Khmer Man Taking a break near Phnom Chissor.
Phnom Chissor Drink Vendor at the top of Chissor mountain.
Wat Phnom Egg Vendor at Wat Phnom, Phnom Penh.
Rice Growers Harvesting rice east of Oudong.
Independence Beach Warm greetings from a vendor at Independence Beach.
Water Buffalo Moving wood east of Oudong.
Little Girl Adorable Curiosity at Ream National Park.
Oudong Generations at a village north of Phnom Penh.
Oudong Vendor Vendors at the mountaintop at Oudong.
Khmer Bride A bride to be in Sihanoukville, along with her wedding party anxiously awaiting well wishers to arrive.
Roadside Kids Happy to see you on the way to Phnom Chissor.
Sahng Sahng the sugar cane vendor along the riverside in Phnom Penh.
Samoun Samoun a moto driver in Sihanoukville, enjoying K'bal Chai Waterfall.
Khmer students School children on the way to Phnom Chissor.
Shrimp vendors Vendors at Occheteal Beach.
Swimming A refreshing swim in Siem Reap.
Beer Girls Sponsor girls at a restaurant along the Mekhong River, Phnom Penh.
Beer Girls Sponsor Girls in pre shift conference Victory Beach, Sihanoukville.
Srey Men Incense vendor Ta Phrom Temple, Tonle Bati.
Srey Men Incense vendors Ta Phrom Temple, Tonle Bati.
Templekids Future tour guides at Angkor Wat.
Cambodian vendors More vendors at Tonle Bati.
Victory Beach Awaiting the sunset at Victory Beach, Sihanoukville.
Victory Beach Sunset Swim Victory Beach Sihanoukville.


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