Cambodia is scattered with beautiful temples and natural wonders. Phnom Penh has been a transit point for travelers on their way to Angkor Wat at Siem Reap, or the beaches at Sihanoukville, however Phnom Penh's surrounding areas are rich with Ancient Khmer culture. Within 100 kilometers of the city, beautiful country side and temples await you. Smiling faces, warm welcomes, and fantastic photo opportunities reward the traveler that visits the outlying areas of Phnom Penh. Angkor Borei and Ba Phnom boast Funan Period Ruins. Angkor and Pre-Angkor sites at Tonle Bati,Prasat Nieng Kamal and Phnom Chissor are an easy stop along the way. To the north near the Ancient Capital at Oudong, is Longvaek, the Khmer stronghold against the Siamese. Between Oudong and Phnom Penh is a newer site but an impressive mini Angkor Wat (Wat Nokor Vimean Suor). Northeast of Phnom Penh is Kampong Cham Province which is rich in ancient history.  We have visited all of these sites on the map below and have insight how to reach them.  Some are easier to get to than others, but we feel that there is enough to satisfy every kind of traveler and because of the amount of things to see in the area we updated our site to include more of these places.


Day Trips 2, the sequel, includes a locator map of the area and more here


Phnom Baset Thirteen kilometers north of Phnom Penh and another 18 kilometers west is Wat Suantomariet, Wat Nokor Vimean Suor and Phnom Baset.
Phnom Baset Near Phnom Baset, although very new is a fantastic representation of what Angkor was like during its time. Wat Nokor Vimean Suor.  Many Karaoke stars use this site as a backdrop for many photo shoots.
Killingfields.jpg (51147 bytes) The Killing Fields and Pagoda Memorial located a half hour southwest of Phnom Penh.
Tonle Bati Ta Phrom Temple at Tonle Bati is located South of Phnom Penh off the Higway to Takeo. It is about a 30 minute drive. Entry fee is $3.00.
LakeTonle Bati The Lake at Tonle Bati is a weekend getaway for many from Phnom Penh.
Tonle Bati Lake Fishing in the lake at Tonle Bati.
buddharelief.jpg (44174 bytes) Temple relief work.
templenew00.JPG (86454 bytes) Adjacent to the ruins is a newer temple and many statues. There is a lake as well where weekend warriors from Phnom Penh will come to enjoy a picnic.
Phnom Chissor Cambodia About 20 minutes south of Tonle Bati is Phnom Chissor Temple. It is situated on a mountain top and requires a climb of 461 steps.
Phnom Chissor A view of the ruins, much of which were intact until the Vietnamese army shelled the place as they attempted to flush out Khmer Rouge.
Ancient Cambodian Doors A set of wooden doors over 1000 years old shelter many Buddha images at Phnom Chissor.
roadtoTB.jpg (29410 bytes) Muddy road on the way to Tonle Bati.
takmau.jpg (22660 bytes) Curious about the photographer at a Takmau market.
Oudong Ruins Giant Stupas on the mountain top at Oudong, the one time former capital of Cambodia.
Wat Cambodia The inside of  the Temples are decorated with paintings detailing aspects of Buddha's life and teachings. This picture is from the temple at Oudong.

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