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F 4 Phantom



Air Force Bar, Phnom Penh, Cambodia on Street 104 since July 2011 is one of Phnom Penh's hottest Nightlife venues.

We Aim High to soar to new heights that will make us your first choice.

More competitive drink pricing and a wider choice of music to cater to our customers!


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Theara  welcomes you.



Take Command! We have a wide selection of music.  Our girls will always choose the current hip hop dance groove, but we have plenty of rock as well.


Just ask and we will mix it up!


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We are located in the Wat Phnom Area of town at the north end of the riverfront.

F4 Phantom

Open 4 pm until Late daily. 


air force bar

Chilling out side.



Air Conditined comfort inside.


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Refueling B52

Fuel up with us!


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Whether you're flying in formation or on a solo mission, the drinks are plentiful and the beer is ice cold.


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There are always Space A seats available and no waiting around.


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Never a hurry to get back to base, as we are here to serve!


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