California 2 Phnom Penh


GPS has become popular in the USA.  It seems that people are forgetting what a Map actually does.  In the past we have traveled to

many sites via a map and asked where the good stuff was. Once we found it, we marked it with what would be considered less

sophisticated GPS devices.   Had we tried to track it going in we found we were on a ZIG ZAG pattern to our destination. 

The route out was always more direct. Many sites featured here have pics scattered through out this website.

Google has also made major improvements over the years.   If you go to Google and click maps and enter Cambodia  you will have a

map of the country.  You can click a pictures option and see various places through out the country that travellers have posted.

Here is a Link  to the places (with pictures) to more obscure places we have visited   

Our original travels and GPS usage  had us using the decimal system on the GPS. 

You can adjust your GPS settings from Decimal to Degrees and Minutes.  

You can also search Google for a converter. Here is one I used for converting our decimal system so I could

place our photos on Google maps


Cambodia Maps  

Cambodia Maps: GPS coordinates accurately displayed on fully featured maps



The following are coordinates we have taken over the years. 


Red-  Ancient Temple

Brown- ancient bridge

Dark blue-waterfall

TRN or turn  turnout marks turn to some locations

Lavender- islands beaches

Turquoise-Ferry or boat crossings

Green- point of interest, tourist site but not old


Footnotes I change this name/waypoint from ABFKKKR to pstbakan  

* pstbakan                    N13.40931 E104.75034           80 m                                         Prasat Bakan/Preah Khan

  ABFKKKR                N13.40931 E104.75034           80 m                                         Symbol & Name          


Kuav (town) in brown ancient bridge about 7 K west of town.

Other points are towns and just marks on a road or route. 

If it just says town, the town is properly marked as way point. Other wise town name included

Other highlights include dumpit where I crashed and busted my nose, brcrsh where barry crashed and busted his ribs and pelvis

 Prasat Boran (tower ancient) commonly share the same names (Angkor/ Wat Prasat for example) at various sites through out the country.  Trapeang originally was a pool for elephants to stop along a journey. Spean is the word for Bridge.

           001                                  N11.61804 E105.49743                                                           Symbol & Name          

            002                                N13.42154 E104.15815           56 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            003                                  N12.69071 E105.73330                                                           Symbol & Name          

            004                                  N11.11434 E105.53537                                                           Symbol & Name          

            005                                   N14.26878 E104.16414                                                           Symbol & Name          

            006                                 N11.55812 E103.15792                                                           Symbol & Name          

            008                               N14.17623 E103.50679           39 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            009                              N13.97041 E103.50827                                                           Symbol & Name          

            010                               N11.85361 E105.79497                                                           Symbol & Name          

            011                                N11.85586 E105.79417           39 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            012                                N11.85584 E105.79417           38 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            013                                N11.85581 E105.79418           38 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            014                                  N11.85580 E105.79418           37 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            015                                N11.85575 E105.79413           38 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            016                               N12.26802 E106.98419                                                           Symbol & Name          

            017                                  N11.78479 E106.01991           52 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            018                               N11.78480 E106.01991           52 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            skunarea.jpg (49004 bytes)

This is the kind of information we provide to our customers.  We have taken plenty of  trips in the country.

Read about these places in the Bayon Pearnik  Pring Chrum and Preah Theat featured in February 2007 Issue

           100COLMN                 N12.77717 E105.96927           32 m                                         100 column temple

            3RDFERRY                  N11.38071 E103.25477           -3 m                                          Symbol & Name          

            4THFARRY                 N11.56485 E103.12596           7 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            A01                             N11.67099 E105.09297           3 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            AAAAA                       N10.47604 E104.30045           7 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            ABCDE                        N11.81475 E106.13751           83 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            ADDDR                        N13.40545 E104.78061           68 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            ANDAET                     N12.79036 E104.71635           27 m                                         Prasat Andaet

            ANGKORBOR            N10.99398 E104.97737           34 m                                        Angkor Borei

            ANLONGVENG          N14.24492 E104.07668           53 m                                          Town

            ASPIEN1                     N13.45198 E104.34922           -5 m                                          Ancient Bridge

            AV001                         N14.24493 E104.07671           53 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            AVBORDER                N14.34283 E104.06076           330 m                                       Anlong Veng Pol Pot grave

            AVNGSTOP                N14.22411 E104.12971                                                           Symbol & Name          

            AVNGTURN               N14.30187 E103.62576           63 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            BAHPHNOM               N11.25732 E105.39076           16 m                                         Bah Phnom Funan period site

            BANCHUEN               N11.89281 E102.78893           10 m                                         Beach in Thailand

            BANTYCHMR            N14.07114 E103.10113           67 m                                         Banteay Chmar

            BANTYTOUP              N14.00367 E103.11618           67 m                                         Banteay Toup

            BATTAMBANG           N13.09884 E103.19898           21 m                                         Town

            BAYNTMPLE              N11.49494 E105.09819           30 m                                         Bayon Temple new

            BAYONTEMPL           N13.41207 E104.75704           75 m                                       Bayon Temple Preah khan

            BCRSH                        N14.17425 E103.39811           43 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            BEUTYSPOT               N11.54536 E103.22441           181 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            BILLS PAD                  N12.25062 E105.17497           19 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            BOKOR                       N10.63011 E104.02205           1004 m                                     Bokor Mountain

            BRIDGE                       N11.66933 E105.26169           10 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            BRIDGEOLD1            N13.44562 E103.76136           18 m                                          Ancient Bridge 

            BSR                              N13.80300 E104.02960           52 m                                         Banteay Srey actually north of

           BRAN 2                        N11.42980 E104.83121    13 m                                                  Wat Prasat (restored prasat)  

           BUFGIRL                     N11.75931 E105.30318           21 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            CA HOTELL                N11.57187 E104.94891           46 m                                         California 2      

            CARWASH                  N11.08465 E105.79793           13 m                                         Town Svay Rieng

            CHEYNOKR               N11.85583 E105.79425           38 m                                         Prasat Chey Nokor

            CHLNG                        N12.25139 E105.98402           41 m                                         Town Chlong

            COLORTMPL               N12.36990 E105.09180           17 m                                        Symbol & Name            

            DACDAM                    N12.41979 E107.30971           1294 m                                     Hill tribe village

            DDDOO                       N12.83466 E102.55296           127 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            DTUJREI                      N13.33752 E102.35202           205 m                                       Town  

            DUCKLADV               N10.66497 E104.86452           -9 m                                          Symbol & Name          

            DUMPIT                      N13.42200 E104.15850           51 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            DWRR                         N12.96622 E104.65128           10 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            ENRTESMRNG          N13.55941 E103.71887           25 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            FALLSPLN                  N12.83465 E102.55296           305 m                                       Pailin waterfall 

            FERRY                         N11.75339 E105.00043           12 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            FIRSTSITE                   N13.40411 E104.74131           70 m                                         Prasat west of Prasat Bakan

            GUMUUN                    N14.16167 E103.28649           61 m                                         Town  

            HADKHAORAN         N11.99931 E102.72355           11 m                                        Khao Ran Beach Thailand

            HANCHEY                  N12.16359 E105.52800           68 m                                         Prasat Hanchey

            HAUNG                       N11.95779 E106.01893           59 m                                         Haung Waterfall

            JAKESFLAT                N11.50009 E105.06907           17 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            JOMTIEN                    N12.89860 E100.86664           9 m                                           Jomtien Thailand

            KAMPOT                    N10.61056 E104.17960           -2 m                                          Town  

            KANHCHAM              N11.70800 E105.29658           16 m                                         Town  

            KCHAM                      N11.97152 E105.44346           14 m                                         Town Kampong Cham

            KDISCO                      N12.71134 E104.88855           39 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            KEPBEACH                 N10.47954 E104.29503           14 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            KJSTOP                       N10.54099 E104.31986           12 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            KKBEACH                  N11.64464 E102.91294           11 m                                         Koh Kong Beach

            KKISLAND                 N11.38800 E102.97409           7 m                                           Kohn Kong Island

            KKWATRFALL         N11.58741 E103.09686           15 m                                         Tai Tai waterfall            

            KOHCHANG              N12.10563 E102.27384           10 m                                         Koh Chang Island

            KOKER                       N13.78320 E104.53736           104 m                                       Ko Ker Temple

            KOKI                         N11.89178 E106.12149           96 m                                         Town  

            KOKITURN                N11.80201 E106.12012           132 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            KOTONSAI                 N10.44053 E104.32136           2 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            KOUL                          N13.73358 E103.64500           25 m                                         Prasat near the town of Koul

            KOUL2                        N13.73367 E103.64053           29 m                                         Prasat near the town of Koul    

            KPPRASAT                 N10.64216 E104.26922           10 m                                         Prasat S’lok Kampot in a cave (see surf cambodia page)

            KUAV                          N13.41912 E104.48279           47 m                                         ancient bridge nearby

            KUHANKR                 N12.24185 E105.10078           73 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            KUKYEHOM              N12.09101 E105.20098           19 m                                         Symbol & Name          

          Jim.jpg (9279 bytes)

          The nice thing about being on the road in Cambodia is making new friends!


           LONGKONG              N13.56295 E102.53238           55 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            LTHOUSE                    N12.25486 E105.68338           12 m                                         Colonial Light house

            MALAY                       N13.56703 E102.36510           97 m                                         Town  

            MALEA                        N13.47517 E104.22958           79 m                                         Beng Malea Temple

            MEBON2                     N14.07222 E103.11841           69 m                                         ebon Prasat at Banteay Chmar

            MKNGPAGODA       N11.82071 E104.97840           32 m                                           Mekong Pagoda

            MKRD                         N12.04858 E105.25855           35 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            MKRVR                       N11.94312 E105.26765           22 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            MOUNG                      N13.75069 E103.54403           16 m                                         Town  

            MTNSTOP                   N14.41297 E103.67551           151 m                                       Symbol & Name          

           NEAKPUA                       N14.22148 E105.01593            93 m                                     Prasat Neak Buos

           NEAKFRRY                N11.26157 E105.28376           8 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            NEAKLUANG             N11.27273 E105.27744           15 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            NIENGKAMAL            N11.19560 E104.78614           24 m                                       Prasat Nieng Kamal

            NOREAY                     N10.88254 E104.53872           47 m                                         Town  

            OHJEEHTSPN             N13.90413 E103.53206           24 m                                        Ancient Bridge

            OKUARH                    N13.24024 E104.76321           34 m                                         Town  

            OUDONG                    N11.79614 E104.76793           96 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            P01                              N12.84943 E102.60959           184 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            P02                             N12.89961 E102.59036           137 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            P04                             N13.01601 E102.59093           69 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            P06                               N13.13229 E102.41863           97 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            P06CASINO                N13.08749 E102.45023           84 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            P08                               N13.94475 E103.04928           29 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            P09T                           N13.62752 E102.67730           32 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PAILINRES                 N12.84614 E102.57781           232 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            PAMPIL                       N14.05198 E103.54707           46 m                                         Damaged Prasat

            PATTAYA                   N12.93344 E100.88402           17 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PHILSHIT                    N13.73266 E103.65879           28 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PHNMPRUK               N13.22247 E102.39128           122 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            PHNMTHT                  N12.18540 E105.30795           181 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            Prasat1.jpg (8951 bytes)

          PHNOMKJANG         N10.61019 E104.51742              11 m                                          Prasat Phnom Kchauhng in a cave  

             PHNSAMPAUV         N13.02620 E103.10047           9 m                                           Phnom Sampau west of Battambang.           

            PHUMKAMRIE          N13.03984 E102.52202           84 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            PKBD                            N13.40259 E104.71138           70 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PLINRD                       N13.02608 E103.10047           260 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            PNOV                            N11.64803 E105.34052           12 m                                         Town Prey Pnov           

            POIPET                          N13.66138 E102.55018           46 m                                         Town  

            POLPOTHOUS           N14.35373 E104.12117           354 m                                       Pol Pots house            

            POUROUNG               N12.89047 E105.55857           46 m                                         Town  

            PRAMKAUL               N13.90868 E103.53048           33 m                                         Prasat Angkor near Old Bridge

            PRASAT DAM              N13.42347 E104.78203                                                         Prasat Damrei

            PRASAT1                       N11.78984 E105.30437           21 m                                     Ruined Prasat Kandal Prov.

            PRATHEAT                   N12.18164 E105.19501           44 m                                     Preah Theat at Tuk Cha

            PRAYANGAU                N10.64077 E104.84375           295 m                                   Prasat Preah Angkor

            PREANGKOH               N14.00393 E103.53661           30 m                                     another Preah Angkor

            PREKADAM                 N11.81731 E104.81102           9 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            PREKAMPIL               N10.55254 E104.04500           -7 m                                          Symbol & Name          

            PRENOKTURN           N11.82609 E105.78340           21 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            PRETHEAT                  N11.84702 E105.47383           23 m                                         Preah Theat  Ba Srey      

            PREY VENG                N11.48633 E105.32506           16 m                                         Town  

            PREYNOKOR             N11.79778 E105.74737           16 m                                        Prasat Prey Nokor      

            PRHVIHEAR               N14.38988 E104.68024           634 m                                       Preah Vihear   

            pringchrum.jpg (10692 bytes)

           PRNGCHRUM             N12.17369 E105.05739           17 m                                        Prasat Pring Chrum      

            PRSATOB                    N10.64138 E104.86015           76 m                                         Prasat at Phnom Bayuang

            PSTBAI                        N12.88323 E104.66343           22 m                                         Prasat Bai        

            pstbakan                       N13.40931 E104.75034           80 m                                         Prasat Bakan/Preah Khan

           PSTTAIYOT                   N14.20274 E104.35056          83 m                                          Prasat Tai Yot

            PSTGOHR                    N11.88012 E105.80730           31 m                                         Prasat Angkor 

            PSTHDDN                   N11.85567 E105.79475           28 m                                         repeat Prasat Chey Nokor

            PSTREAM                   N13.55444 E102.44553           73 m                                        Symbol & Name          

            PSTTURN                    N13.59874 E103.34456           17 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PTAGAH                      N12.27520 E105.65211           20 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PTKCTURN                N11.80801 E105.51706           44 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PV0002                        N14.26196 E104.50218           74 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            PV001                           N14.24084 E104.70307           100 m                                       Symbol & Name          

            RICEBASKET              N11.66320 E105.20263           6 m                                           Symbol & Name            

            RIVER                             N11.40687 E103.19782           26 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            RIVERFRONT              N11.07910 E105.80357           19 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            RIVERKPT                  N11.12007 E104.52206           31 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            RMCHONG                 N11.62140 E104.92693           18 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            ROKATRN                  N12.65865 E104.91996           18 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            ROKKA                       N12.62549 E104.91838           42 m                                         Prasat Preah Theat at Rokka 

            SAMBOR                     N12.87212 E105.04416           28 m                                         Sambor Pre Kuk          

            SAMPOLUEN             N13.43243 E102.37351           173 m                                       Symbol & Name            

            SAMRONG                 N14.17623 E103.50679           40 m                                         Town  

            SANDTOWN              N11.74618 E105.33590           13 m                                         Town  

            SECONDFRRY              N11.19392 E103.47379           27 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            SENMNOROM         N12.45030 E107.19952           710 m                                        Town Sen Monorom   

            SHRIMP                       N10.54809 E104.06896           -2 m                                          Symbol & Name          

            SIEMREAP                  N13.35479 E103.85513           35 m                                         Town  

            SISOPHON                 N13.58752 E102.96823           25 m                                         Town  

            SISOPONTML              N13.58626 E102.94267           26 m                                         Symbol & Name            

            SMFERRY                   N11.66990 E105.12095           10 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            SMRNG                       N14.17668 E103.50718           43 m                                         Town Samrong

            SNOUL                        N12.07401 E106.42132           153 m                                       Town  

            SPGANDAL                N13.96383 E103.50802           33 m                                         Ancient Bridge 

            SPKMENG                  N14.02898 E103.46666           33 m                                         Ancient Bridge 

            SPOHTLOH                 N13.95515 E103.51415           38 m                                         Ancient Bridge 

            SPSMALL                    N14.03583 E103.45672           34 m                                         Ancient Bridge 

            SR7                             N13.35422 E103.85353           10 m                                         Town  

            STUPA                         N11.67244 E105.11530           4 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            SUGAR                        N10.55825 E104.08986           0 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            SVAY IA                      N12.86714 E104.60234           27 m                                         Prasat Svay Eia            

            TASENG                      N13.40931 E104.75034           88 m                                         Town  

            TB1                                N13.50224 E105.03028           81 m                                        Prasat Kraupong Chuk

           TB2                                N13.62536 E105.02392             7 9 m                                      Prasat Preah Lien Damrei Soh

           TNUANG                     N13.65294 E103.67965           30 m                                         Prasat T’nuang

            TOWN                         N11.64708 E105.34045           23 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            TOWN1                       N11.65537 E105.13367           3 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            TPGPREH                    N12.85903 E105.64249           85 m                                         Trapeang Preh 

            TRAT                             N12.24478 E102.51073           -1 m                                          Town  

            TRAYANG                  N12.88081 E105.56406           43 m                                         Ferry at Trayang           

            TREAH                         N12.25220 E105.54891           18 m                                         Ferry at Treah 

            TRUUP                         N13.96367 E103.50885           32 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            TUMR+G                     N12.90231 E105.42435           99 m                                         Town Tumring 

            TURN1                         N12.05980 E105.19900           34 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            TURNKUK                  N12.05847 E105.18679           15 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            TURNOUT                   N11.21649 E105.34758           23 m                                         Symbol & Name          

            VNBORDER                N11.06911 E106.15310           3 m                                           Symbol & Name          

            VNBRDR2                   N10.43003 E104.45122           5 m                                           Symbol & Name          

           wattani.jpg (15111 bytes)

            WATTANI 1                   N10.77559 E104.66285    22 m                                            Prasat Wat Tani

            WF1                               N12.44172 E107.15908           588 m                                   Sen Monorom Waterfall           

            WIELSOMDAI              N11.87847 E105.78566           37 m                                      Prasat Wielsomdai       

            WTPRASAT                N12.54995 E105.07230           11 m                                         Wat Prasat      

            YEAV               N12.77055 E105.93721           25 m                                                     Town/boat Crossing




How awesome is this! Aerial view of Bakong Temple in Siem Reap



updated July 2011

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